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B&W Companion Fifth Wheel

B&W Companion Fifth Wheel


Part # Description
16-585 B&W Fifth Wheel Companion
16-586 B&W Fifth Wheel Companion - Flat Beds
16-599 B&W Ball Corner Plate
16-595 B&W Bolt Kit For Safety Chains
Fifth Wheel Converter & Adapter

Fifth Wheel Converter & Adapter

Designed so you can convert your fifth wheel trailer from a 2" king pin to a 2 5/16" ball allowing you to use one hitch to pull both trailers (gooseneck or fifth wheel).  
Part # Description Ref # Mfg #
19-720 Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter 190690 FG205
Fifth Wheel King Pins

Fifth Wheel King Pins

The Buyers King Pins are forged from AISI 8630 steel and heat treated to create and maintain a hardness of 302-363 BHN (this makes them easier to weld)

Part #



2” SAE King Pin (Weld On)

PopUp Brand Adapter Converters

PopUp Brand Adapter Converters

Strongest, Safest and Most Versatile King Pin Adapter Made

Strongest, Safest and Most Versatile King Pin Adapter Made

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00-RV1 Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter 5" Offset
00-RV2 Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter 9" Offset
00-RV3 Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter 0" Offset

USE RV4 If You Have a Flatbed Pickup Truck. Popup Brand

USE RV4 If You Have a Flatbed Pickup Truck. Popup Brand

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00-RV4 USE RV4 If You Have a Flatbed Pickup Truck. Popup Brand
The PopUp RV4 will let you pull your RV trailer with a gooseneck ball in most flat bed pickup trucks. The RV4 has a FIXED HEIGHT of only 7-1/2"   MEASURED FROM TOP OF BALL TO KING PIN PLATE  and provides a full 9" of rearward offset for increased trailer swing and maneuverability. The RV4 mounts to the king-pin box using the same strong machined king-pin clamp used with the RV1, RV2 and RV3. 

Each of these versatile  (RV1, RV2 and RV3)  adapters are adjustable in height from 12.5" to 16.5" to accommodate different height trucks and trailers. Measure from top of ball to king pin plate.

  • Now you can pull your RV trailer with a gooseneck ball.      

  • Fits standard king-pin box.

  • Self-latching GN8 2-5/16" "V-19" rated coupler.

  • Coupler is drilled for a pad lock.

  • Precision coupler casting extends life of ball.

  • Three different offsets for different applications.

  • 4" height adjustment in 1" increments.

  • Durable Powder coated finish.

  • Easy bolt-on installation.

  • 24,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight.

  • 6,000 lbs. Gross Tongue Weight.

Towing with a fifth wheel hitch is OK, but you can forget about using your truck for anything else! That massive hitch is always in your way.  A Fifth Wheel Adapter from PopUp gets that colossal hunk out of your truck.

An RV Adapter from PopUp lets you tow your travel trailer with any standard 2 5/16" gooseneck hitch ball. Use it with a PopUp Ball or a Flip-Over Ball and you can pull your RV trailer and still have a completely smooth fully usable truck bed anytime you want it.

To make your towing experience better yet, these RV Adapters are fitted with a PopUp GN8 self-latching coupler. This coupler latches when the trailer is lowered onto the ball. It also has a molded hitching guide to make coupling easier. To uncouple, you simply pull a release cable located near the trailer jack handle. The GN8 coupler has a "V-19" rating of 28,000 pounds.

The Adapter is held securely to the trailer king-pin box with a strong king-pin clamp. It also bolts to the king-pin box for additional stability. The installation fasteners provided are Grade 8. Installation takes about an hour.

The unit is built strong with a gross trailer weight of 24,000 pounds and a gross tongue weight of 6,000 pounds.

Adapters are furnished with a long lasting powder coated finish, and comes 100% complete.


When you uncouple, the Adapter stays with the trailer giving you full use of your truck bed for the other jobs you need to do.

Gooseneck To King Pin Adapters & ExtendersGooseneck To King Pin Adapters & ExtendersGooseneck To King Pin Adapters & Extenders
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