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A-Frame Couplers


Atwood A-Frame Couplers weld onto frame members set at 50° angles and are manufactured for S.A.E. class 3 and 4.  These couplers are designed for demanding applications.  They feature a jack hole for easy installation and are available for 2" and 2 5/16" ball size.

Part # Description
18-100 2” A-Frame Coupler (5K)
18-110 2” Replacement Latch Kit
18-641 Coupler Pin 1/4” x 3.75”


Part # Description
18-101 2 5/16“ A-Frame Coupler (10K)
17-224 Snapper Pin 1/4” x 2”


Part # Description
18-200 2” A-Frame Coupler (8K)
18-201 2 5/16“ A-Frame Coupler (10K)
18-200-A 2” Coupler Repair Kit
18-201-A 2 5/16“ Coupler Repair Kit
17-224 Snapper Pin 1/4” x 2”


Fulton A-Frame stamped couplers have high strength steel housings and are designed to weld onto frame members set at 50-degree angles.  Comes with a prime finish.

Part # Description
18-320 2” A-Frame Coupler (5K)
18-320-1   2” A-Frame Coupler (5K) - Oiled
18-101-S 2 5/16“ A-Frame Coupler (10K)
17-224 Snapper Pin 1/4” x 2”
18-500 2” Stamped A-Frame Coupler Oily PRI 5K
18-505 2 5/16” Stamped A-Frame Coupler Oily PRI 10K
18-632 2” Shelby A-Frame Coupler Oily 5K

Fulton's Wedge-Latch™ Cast Head Couplers feature our new replaceable ball clamp assembly. This new mechanism improves latching ease and allows users to keep the coupler in service for the life of a trailer. Why cut off a coupler if all you need to do is replace some hardware. Once secured on the ball, the Wedge-Latch™ (patent pending) is designed to increase clamping force as the ball attempts to leave the pocket. This provides added coupling security for your precious cargo. A cast shield protects the latch handle assembly from impact damage, while the heat-treated clamp provides years of hassle free service. Available in prime paint finish. Available in 2" & 2-5/16" ball size rated for Class III and IV in round jack applications. Meets and exceeds S.A.E. J684

Part # Description
18-350 Fulton 2” Cast A-Frame Coupler 8K Rating
18-360 Fulton 2 5/16”  Cast A-Frame Coupler (12K)
18-365 Fulton 2 5/16” Cast A-Frame Coupler (15K)


Forged steel components, tight ball grip, automatic slack adjustment and hinged ball socket.

Part # Description
18-401 2” A-Frame Coupler (5K)
18-409 2” A-Frame Coupler (7K)
18-409-T 2” A-Frame Coupler (7K)
18-410 2 5/16“ A-Frame Coupler (12.5K)
18-406 Coupler Safety Ring & Pin
18-408 Snapper Pin & Chain

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