Bucket Style Lights - (Stop/Turn/Tail)

Double wire, flush mount provides stop, turn and tail light functions. 413 series have a sturdy plastic housing with a black finish. M413S series features 304 stainless steel housing and retainer ring. 413-3 has reflector optics around the periphery of lens which eliminates the need to mount and maintain a separate reflector. All use a brass socket and Lexide lens gasket.

Part # Description
11-100 Flush Mount “bucket” Light (stop-turn-tail) - Plastic
11-100-S Flush Mount “bucket” Light (stop-turn-tail) - Stainless Steel
11-106 Flush Mount “bucket” Back-up Light
11-106-S Flush Mount “bucket” Back-up Light - Stainless Steel
11-620 Replacement Lens
11-630 Replacement Metal Retaining Ring

Part # Description
11-100-OP Flush Mount “bucket” Light (stop-turn-tail) - Steel

4.5” Round Sealed Beam Lights (Stop/Turn/Tail)

Lexan® housing and lens are permanently sealed to eliminate corrosion. The bulb is cradled in PM's patented VIBAR® socket which literally floats the bulb filaments soaking up road shock and vibration.

Part # Description
11-102 Sealed Light (stop-turn-tail)
includes : light, grommet & pigtail
11-102-1 Sealed Light Only (red)
11-102-7 Sealed Light Only (amber)
11-102-2 Grommet only
11-102-3 Pigtail only
11-102-5C Clear Back Up Sealed Beam Assembly
11-102-5 Clear Back-up Sealed Light Only

Part # Description
11-102-OP Sealed Light (stop-turn-tail)
includes : light, grommet & pigtail
11-102-1-OP Sealed Light Only (red)
11-102-2-OP Grommet only
11-102-3-OP Pigtail only
11-102-5-OP Clear Back-up Sealed Light Only

4.5” Light Mounting Bracket

Heavy gauge black enamel reinforced steel with a 90° flange for welding or bolting into place.  
For use with all 4.5” round lights.

Part # Description
11-102-6 Heavy gauge steel mounting

Rear Stud Mounted Lights (Stop/Turn/Tail)

3 3/4" diameter wrap-over lens retained by two screws. Black, plastic housing is dust resistant.
All Units supplied with 10" lead wires.  Mounts with two 1/4" studs on 2" centers.

Part #
11-120 Rear Stud Mount Light, Stop-Turn-Tail
11-120-1 Rear Stud Mount Light, Stop-Turn-Tail w/License Illuminator
11-615 Replacement Lens Only


Part # Description
11-120-OP Rear Stud Mount Light, Stop-Turn-Tail
11-120-1-OP Rear Stud Mount Light, Stop-Turn-Tail w/License Illuminator

Pedestal Lights - (Stop/Turn/Tail)
Durable, black ABS housing with snap-on red lens,  functions as a stop, turn and tail light.  
Two lead wires exit through 1/2" diameter hollow stud.
Part #
11-110 Pedestal Mounted Light, Stop-Turn-Tail
11-620-2 Replacement Lens Only - RED

Part #
11-110-OP Pedestal Mounted Light, Stop-Turn-Tail

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